Hello! Thank you for your interest in my work. These pages represent my photography practice both as a form of creative expression and as a documentary tool.

My background in art instilled a deep appreciation for nuanced meaning in imagery that remains with me today.  I studied photography at University of the Arts in Philadelphia (BFA '05), and stay connected with my alma mater as an instructor in Continuing Studies. 

As a photographer for hire, I'm most interested in finding the story behind what I'm photographing. I often shoot in a documentary style, allowing the subjects to unfold while we're together.  However, I'm not afraid to get more experimental when the situation warrants it.  I approach each project seeking the best way to communicate the meaning of my subjects visually.

Do you need some quality photography? Feel free to reach me by email ( andrea@andreapoulsen.net ), or fill out the contact form on this website for a quote.

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