Edge of an Explosion is a collection of fragmentary moments shot on 35mm film and printed at various sizes as part of my senior thesis work at University of the Arts.

I dreamt we were dancing on the edge of an explosion that I couldn't take my eyes off. We moved our feet with the rhythm, overpowered by music.

Everybody was laughing when you dropped your glasses. I took your picture as you bent down to pick them up, because I know what it's like to see things out of focus.

I said, "I still feel like a child", and you just smirked.

My little sister was crying. What good is seeing if we can't dance?

I woke up.

In the shower I remember moving to the sound of an explosion. I put on my clothes but no more of my dream.

On the way to school I run into you. You are telling me all about a movie when you drop your glasses. As you bend down to pick them up, I take your picture.