Hello! Thank you for your interest in my work. These pages represent my photography practice both as a form of creative expression and as a documentary tool.

My background in art instilled a deep appreciation for nuanced meaning in imagery that remains with me today.  I studied photography at University of the Arts in Philadelphia (BFA '05), and stay connected with my alma mater as an instructor in Continuing Studies. 

I find it truly inspiring that everything we know about the universe essentially comes from humans observing closely and analyzing that information over generations. We have so much incredible knowledge, and at the same time, impenetrable mysteries remain. My current vandyke brown print series, Wild Gravity, celebrates the intersections of science, spirit, curiosity, and strangeness.

As a photographer for hire, I'm most interested in finding the story behind what I'm photographing. I often shoot in a documentary style, allowing the subjects to unfold while we're together.  However, I'm not afraid to get more experimental when the situation warrants it.  I approach each project seeking the best way to communicate the meaning of my subjects visually.

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