New Project, Yay! Wild Gravity


I started printing Vandyke Browns for a new project inspired by quantum physics and cosmology, subjects that I’ve been studying recently to keep myself awake to the sheer wonder and ridiculousness of existing.  It’s my first time doing non-silver so there is definitely a learning curve, but I’m enjoying the process of making objects again with my hands, watching the chemistry react with sunlight photons and seeing it evolve through gorgeous shades of brown before my eyes.  The prints feel imperfect, impermanent and old but beautiful. It makes total sense.

It’s been fun and challenging so far to find things in everyday life that can evoke the abstract ideas represented in physics.  There will also be text with the images, which I haven’t figured out yet, but it will come as I read and write more. I started a blog for ideas, not finished ideas, just ideas.  It can be read or followed on tumblr: